At E.L. we provide framing systems that are easy to handle, economical, noncombustible, high quality alternative to more traditional framing materials such as wood.

Non-load-bearing (25 gauge) steel studs and tracks are available at all times. Sizes include 1 5/8, 2 1/2, 3 5/8 inches and available in lengths of 8, 9, 10 and 12 feet.

Special cuts and gauges are available upon request.

E.L experts assure steel studs are perfectly straight and won’t shrink or split. They’re light, easy to store and resist fire, insects and rot. And, steel studs are more economical solution than the traditional wood.

Resilient Channel

Resilient channel (RC) is a popular option in acoustic design and construction. While RC promises a huge positive effect on the acoustical performance of a wall.

Resilient channel dampens sound waves effectively, dissipating the energy and reducing sound transmission by suspending the drywall.

  • Improves room to room sound transmission
  • Suitable for multiple unit buildings and recording studio walls
  • Used for both wall and ceiling applications
Ceilings have a way of really showing defects when the drywall is not installed properly.
E.L guarantees installation errors during construction. Everyone likes a clean-look drywall ceiling!
Strapping the ceiling also has the added benefit of reducing noise transfer, from the floor above if you use an advanced material like reseliant channel.