Taping & Plastering 

Upon completion of each project , we adopted a process that is designed for bringing this extremely important process up to a standard that is ready for professional, snag free decoration.

Once everything has properly dried we sand down the jointing compound to a perfect, smooth surface where it is now ready to be painted.

We are conversant with all forms of internal plastered finishes and all market leading systems from all manufacturers.

E.L. specialist ensures the highest possible level of finish.

Finishing taping on drywall is a process of applying paper or fiberglass tape over the joints & between pieces of the installed drywall. This work is called taping.
It must be done professionally & with a lot of precision if you want your walls to look great. 
The next step is called mudding. E.L. extremely experienced team than gives it the finishing touches.
Our professional staff have the skill sets to mud around even the most complex edges, corners or places. 
The finishing touches involves sanding the drywall compound. This has to be done with a lot of skill & precision so that none of it is left behind that can be seen.
E.L professionals have a great reputation because of their capabilities to sand your wall & ceilings to perfection. 
E.L leaves no options when it comes to the Quality.